Investigative Services

Vital Security provides armed and unarmed private security services. We pride ourselves in providing quality customer service to each vertical market we serve. Our hiring standards, training and support to the clients as well as our officers are the best in the industry. We service the following:


In today's time you can never be too certain of someones past. Knowing the history of a person is very important in many cases. Whether it be looking up a potential tenant, or looking into a blind date, background checks play a vital role in decision making.

Our in depth background check involves a nation wide criminal check; not just a check of the current location. This ensures if someone has tried to move away from their troubled past, we will find it. With our background check, you can rest assure you are fully aware of who you are associating with.


Knowing who you employ is a must in the modern work force. We offer a detailed pre-employment screening to help you confirm your candidate can preform as they have stated. Our service can include a national background check, verification of past employment and schooling, and can involve drug, psychiatric, and personality screenings.


Knowing a persons financial past can be pertinent in many situations. Our full credit check not only involves checking the three major credit bureaus, but can determined if there are any current liens or judgments against an individual.


Our discreet personal investigation services can help you determined if someone has something to hide, or can help you discover undisclosed information that may be important to you. Our investigations can be as simple as cross referencing phone records, or as detailed as personal surveillance.