Vital Security and Investigations was established nearly twenty years ago with a simple vision in mind: to bring Professionalism, Integrity and Trust to our clients and to be a service provider that exceeds expectations while allowing our clients to operate within given budget limitations.

Today we proudly serve the continental United States with offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Our executive team has over 170 years of combined experience in Law Enforcement, Finance, Operations and Criminal Justice and has managed business for General Electric, MBNA, as well as many companies within the private sector. This deep knowledge of finance and budgeting allows us to run a lean operation, hire the absolute best people in the industry, and keep our rates extremely competitive.

Customer Service drives EVERYTHING we do. As a privately held American-owned company our focus is clear and sharp. We put our Customers first and deliver World Class Customer Service. This is accomplished by hiring the best people in the industry, investing in their training and education and keeping unsurpassed lines of communication open with our people and clients alike


At Vital Security and Investigations our goal is the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Our driving force to ensure this goal is met is a management team with over 50 years of experience in a wide range of industries. Each member brings unique backgrounds and qualifications to our business resulting in a well-rounded outlook on our business practice. Our teams knowledge, experience, and moral value safe guards our pledge to deliver exceptional service at a fair price.


HOA Security Experts

For nearly 20 years, Vital Security and Investigations has provided unsurpassed security services to clients throughout the United States. Vital has extensive experience with condominium associations and gated communities. We have developed excellent relationships with local police, fire and related services, which only serves to benefit you, the client.

Excellent Response

Vital can provide quick, effective response. Our management team and our training programs are customized and geared to the demands of resort settings. Training in customer service, public relations, and access control is what separates us from our competitors.

24-Hour Communications

Communication is essential and key to the success of our service. Vital Security is a boutique security company and believes our clients should have direct access to not only the on-site management team, but also the executives of the company. You and your team will have direct lines of communication at all times. Our goal is to keep you informed and to stay one step ahead of your needs. Vital’s response to situations as they arise is second to none in the industry.

Back-up Staffing

Vital has the capabilities to provide back-up officers with virtually a moment’s notice. We have a large team of officers that will be crossed trained for your community before the need arises.
Personnel and Uniforms
Our clients demand the highest quality officers available. Vital’s hiring and training procedures are the most comprehensive in the industry. Vital issues new uniforms to all its officers and ensures they have not only the proper training and education, but also the equipment necessary to be successful in the field. Our officer’s appearance is critical and we ensure they are a positive reflection on our clients.


Vital Security and Investigations strives to hire the most qualified and well-trained Security Officers available. Each Officer is handpicked and must meet a certain criteria to ensure only the best Officers are hired. To guarantee this, our hiring process includes extensive background checks, drug screenings and comprehension tests.

Every Officer is fully licensed and has extensive training above the licensing requirements. In addition, many of our officers have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military. Our Officers also participate in ongoing training and when needed acquire specialty certifications such as CPR or first aid.

We give our Officers the ability to learn about multiple facets of the company and grow into new roles through training and promotions. This leads to an extremely low turnover rate in our industry.

Each of these reasons allows Vital Security to employ the most qualified Security Officers, which directly links to a higher quality of service for our clients.